DorfStats Predictive Analytics Startup Review

  • November 16, 2016
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  • Comments Off on DorfStats Predictive Analytics Startup Review would like to bring another startup to the Cash Sherpa reader called DorfStats. Dorf Stats is a predictive analytics startup company based in Greensburg PA. The company builds predictive statistical models for data rich corporations; exclusively providing business-to-business services.


About Dorf Stats:

“In our world of Big Data and Business Intelligence, a new Predictive analytics company has emerged that uses the best of behavioral statistics to solve business questions., founded by licensed psychologist and statistician Dr. Ted R. Dorfman PhD, employs quantitative methods from social science and other proprietary techniques to address the business problems of companies. For instance, if a company wished to project the future costs of an important commodity, these methods can forecast the likelihood of the future prices within a reasonable outcome band. In the area of sales, company data can be analyzed to determine the most important business factors of a marketing and sales campaign. Nearly every corporate issue that generates numerical data can improve the certainty of its decisions with these techniques.

While the best business intelligence comes from the experience of its managers and executives, the addition of predictive analytics can confirm important decisions and illuminate solutions that may have been overlooked. Combining managerial and executive intuition with analytic forecasting yields better company decisions and increased profitability.”


If your company is looking to increase profits using company intuition and predictive analytics then check out

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