Cave Horror Film Beneath On Kickstarter

  • April 8, 2018
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I was recently watching an Instagram story showing some adventurers hiking down into Utah’s Slot Canyon. While watching the videos I was imagining myself as these climbers and the thoughts that would be running through my head. I’d most likely be feeling panic because of the claustrophobic feeling these 3 ft or less canyons would likely produce. There’s a famous location in the canyons called “Alcatraz” that is just may be at most 1 – 2 feet across and hikers willingly walk through this spot in Utah. It’s called Alcatraz because the canyons make people feel like they are in prison. Now imagine the intensity of just a canyon and multiply that for a cave. Is there a better place for a horror movie than a cave? Jonathan JJ Perez doesn’t think so, that’s why he’s making a horror movie titled, Beneath, set in a dark, ominous cave.

Intreauged? Support Perez and his movie Beneath on Kickstarter:

Beneath Cave Horror Film

(Above) Image from Kickstater Campaing

Filing a movie is expensive. Beneath is projected to cost anywhere from $3,000-$3,500. So any extra money you are willing to donate to this campaign helps greatly.

What Is The Film About?

When a group of cavern tour guides hear about a murder that took place in the cave by a group of cultists, they set off on a journey to find out if the legend is fact or fake.

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several great rewards for this campaign. Also, you get to support an awesome movie! $5 gets you a thanks credit. $10 gets you previous plus exclusive footage. $20 gets you previous plus digital film. $30 gets you all previous plus Blue-ray copy. The rewards go all the way up to $1000 which gives you a exclusive producer credit, premiere access, poster, cast and director autographed Blue-ray, digital film, and exclusive behind the scenes clips.


I for one really want to see this movie be made. For some reason there are NEVER any horror movies set in caves or anything set in nature for that matter. Horror movies are almost always set in a house or some small urban setting. See that this original horror movie idea gets created and support Jonathan JJ Perez Kickstarter campaign today.

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