24 Hour Fitness June Coupon Codes

Looking to get into shape this summer? 24 Hour Fitness is offering several coupons running right now. I’m a member of 24 Hour Fitness myself. I think the best thing about 24 Hour Fitness as the name implies you can work out any time, 24 hours a day. Also, one club memberships gets you into any 24 Hour Fitness in the country.

1) Muscle Milk on Sale at 24hour Fitness. Now only $19.99 each. Regular price $39.95. Expires 6/24/09. Click here for coupon

2) Bodybugg calorie management system on sale for limited time. $239 with digital display. Valid June 8-June 30, 2009. Click here for coupon

3) All Apex Supplements 30% off at 24hour Fitness. Valid June 8-June 30, 2009. Click here for coupon

4) 1 year All-Club Sport membership at 24 Hour Fitness for $199. Valid June 5 – 7. Click here for coupon

5) 9.99 Initiation and $29 Monthly Dues for a Keep Fit All-Club Sport Membership at 24 Hour Fitness. Valid June 12 – June 16. Click here for coupon

6) $25 off a 3 year prepaid keep fit ALL CLUB membership at 24Hour Fitness. Use promo code: AMP2MF78VV. Expires June 30, 2009. Click here for coupon

7) $199.99 for a 1 year one club sport membership at 24 Hour Fitness. Use promo code AMT4PRYNTV. Valid through 6/30/09. Click here for coupon

Campell’s Soup $1.00 Off When You Buy 2

Get $1.00 off when you buy 2 Campell’s Soup cans. All they need is your e-mail address. Get you free can today.


Less Search More Social Media

It seems only a few years ago that when you thought of the Internet your either conjured up images about e-mail or your favorite search engine. Now it’s all about social media ie FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


A study by Ad-ology Research suggests (Thanks College-Startup) suggests that small business’ are migrating to social media more this year than ever before. Social media marketing is current very inexpensive or free. In the current economy companies are looking for alternatives to expensive pay per click marketing and going to where as many if not more eye balls are located, social media.

Social media is the way business present their brand not search. This is only the beginning of branding through social media and not just search. Things are changing drastically.

Free Diet Dr. Pepper at DrPepper.com

Get a free Diet Dr. Pepper coupon at DrPepper.com. You must register with DrPepper.com in order to get your free coupon. Choose from a 20 oz. coupon and 2 liter coupon. I like Diet Dr. Pepper so I’ll be taking advantage of this promotion.


I Purchased a Penny Stock Today

Penny Stocks Keep Up My Interest In the Market

The stock market sucks there really isn’t any reason to check my protfolio anymore. It’s guaranteed it’s down, the question is lately just how much. So today I decided to spice things up a bit and do something I’ve never done. I bought a penny stock. Yes, you heard right, those junk companies selling for pennies on the dollar I bought one. I bought a stock called

TLLE – Teletouch Communications

The reason I bought TLLE is there’s a popular ClickBank affiliate program called Stock Trading Robot where in the video he buys this stock and makes a ton of money off it. Since penny stocks are very sensitive to any news of any kind I’m thinking the more popular this Stock Trading Robot program gets the more people will buy that stock, resulting in a higher stock price!

My Penny Stock Purchase Screen Shot

So here’s a screen shot the purchase in my Ameritrade account. I only bought 500 shares or $110 worth, but it’s strictly for fun. I see penny stocks as gambling in a casino. It’s just for my entertainment to weather this horrible economic storm.

Trade With Me

I think trading penny stocks with just a little bit of extra cash will be fun. You should trade with me and let me know your stock picks. You can’t gamble online now, so you got the stock market.

Some Good Stock Trading Web Sites

Zecco.com (Low commissions, $0.00 if you maintain min. balance)

Scottrade (Low commissions0

Ameritrade (This is what I use, fast site, good customer service)

Good source of information

Say what you want about Jim Cramer.. he knows his stocks. He’s a great source of information at TheStreet.com. Sign up for his newsletter, it costs, but it’s worth the money.

Starbucks Tazo Tea $2

It’s tea time at Starbucks. Starbucks is now pushing a line of tea drinks. To kick off this occasion Starbucks is offering a Tazo Tea for $2.00. Between Jan. 6-18, Starbucks Card Rewards members can enjoy any tall tea latte for just $2 when they use their registered Starbucks Card.


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