My Thoughts About “Get Rich Quick” Internet Programs

I have to say… I was ALWAYS a skeptic of “get rich quick” programs on the Internet. Until I actually bought a few programs such as BANS (Build A Niche Store), Rich Jerk. Yes, these programs do take work and you won’t get rich overnight… but their claims most of the time are legitimate. The eBooks are sensationally packaged because that’s what sells. If they told you that it will take lots of work, time, effort, and energy you wouldn’t buy it. Some of the best information I’ve come across has come from the “Get Rich Quick” eBooks/programs. I think it’s because eBook marketers seem to always take an out of the box approach to whatever they are doing. Not all the ideas are great, but I’ve definitely profited off some good tid bits of information. Before signing up for any eBook check out this web site Scam is a definite overstatement, words from a fool if you ask me that doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, but does give some good warnings about “Get Rich Quick” programs. I’d buy one, it has been my experience that if you are having trouble finding new ideas these programs spark eureka.

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