Folgers Coffee False Advertising – I Have The Pictures

This blog is both about saving money and making money. Today I’m going to show you how to save money by not believing everything companies tell you. I have proof that Folgers Coffee is trying to deceive you into thinking their new packaging contains more coffee, but it doesn’t. It actually contains less. Let me explain.

I have pictures of coffee packaging from Costco I bought about 2 years ago. Another picture is coffee packaging bought yesterday. Containers are both the same size, but new packaging contains 48 oz. as opposed to 52 oz. contained in the old packaging. The deceptive aspect of this is Folgers claims on the new packaging I bought at Costco yesterday that it makes 380 6 oz. cups of coffee. On the old larger 52 oz. packaging Folders claims that coffee will make 360 6 oz. cups.

How does a container containing less coffee make more coffee??? Very good question. Either Folgers is being dishonest or they know something that I don’t.

New packaging says makes 380 6 oz. cups


Old packaging says makes less at 360, even though it contains more coffee


New packaging 48 oz.


Old packaging 52 oz.


Side-by-side comparison


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  1. Katherine Warren Says:

    Very interesting…a friend bought us the 48 oz package at Costco yesterday in Medford, OR and won’t tell us how much we owe her. Any idea? The Miracle coffee, hey maybe it’s a denser blend…






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