iPad already on Alibaba? Really?

  • April 2, 2010
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Search iPad on Alibaba.com and you will get several manufacturers listing that they have the iPad. The official iPad release date is April 3rd so how do Fujian Jianyang Automobile Forging and Pressing Products Factory or Yiwu Wanhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.,  for example, have this product for sale? One manufacturer lists the price at $200 – $250. These iPads could be fakes or also just a plain scam. The companies list accepted payment method as Western Union which is a common scam on Alibaba read about the scam here. I come away from this thinking is there anything not copied or knocked off anymore? Also, it seems Alibaba is a bastion for illegal activity. Is there any legit business on Alibaba anyway? I know this may be ignorant to say, but the whole site is a grey area in my opinion. Alibaba needs to build more trust with it’s users.

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