Craigslist Pulls Ads for Four Loko

Craigslist Pulls Ads for Four Loko

Remember when Craigslst was all for freedom of speech? Seems like freedom of speech has taken a back seat these days after pulling all sexual services and now all Four Loko ads. Four Loko is the highly caffeinated adult beverage that’s been buzzing lately in the news.  Rad the full story here.

3 Responses

  1. Argier Says:

    I haven’t tried it yet though good thing was we are now aware of it. I believe craiglist should have done this a long time ago because for me selling those kinds of beverages online is what I called desperate, desperate to get more buyers for them to have sales.

  2. Jenie Says:

    This is big news for people like my kind since I drink a lot. I also haven’t tried it though I don’t want to taste it as well. I’d rather go to a store and buy a regular beer than buying this taste like medicine beverage. I love alcohol but I don’t drink medicine. ? Thanks for sharing this to us.

  3. Will Says:

    I don’t know if people will drink this kind of beverage. But again this is great that you were able to post this on your page and hopefully other sites too so that everyone will be aware. Product testing should be done first before selling it to the market and even black market should consider doing it as well for their benefit.






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