Sidewalk Illusions by Artist Julian Beever

  • December 9, 2011
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Sidewalk Illusions by Artist Julian Beever

These are amazing pictures! Julian Beever is a English chalk artist. Julian has been chalk drawings on pavement since the mid-90s. The technical term is trompe-l’oeil drawings. To get the illusion he uses a technique called anamorphosis. If one uses this technique you can get the illusion of the third dimension if viewed at the correct angle. He also paints murals for companies, replicas of classic paintings, and collages. The amazing part of these painting I think is the fact that they only take one day to create. Many times these chalk paintings are gone the next day. Beever is currently based in Belgium. Just yesterday I was talking about viral marketing. A company hiring Julian Beever to do a chalk painting in the middle of the city what could be more viral than that?

Photo of Julian Beever:

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In 2010 Beever actually released a book of chalk art called, Pavement Chalk Artist. The book shows all his work from around the globe.


See some of Julian Beever’s more famous work below:

Watch his YouTube video here:

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