Is India’s Simmtronic $81 Xpad Really The World’s Most Inexpensive Tablet Computer?

Is India’s Simmtronic $81 Xpad Really The World’s Most Inexpensive Tablet Computer?

While some computer companies are dedicated to designing expensive tablet computers for those people who want to appear suave and technologically advanced, other companies are determined to put affordable tablet computers into the hands of the masses.  Such is the goal of India company Simmtronic.  Known for it’s different sizes and styles and tablet computers Simmtronic recently introduced it’s 7 inch $81.00 Xpad claiming it to be the world’s most affordable computer.  But is it really?

At this stage the answer is no.  There are cheaper tablet computers available one starting as low as $40.00.  However, what this Xpad does have is many of the features of those expensive high end computers at a very affordable price.  These features include:

–  7 inch ice cream sandwich tablet computer

–  cortex arm 8 processor

–  android 4 operating system

–  wifi capabilities

–  4GB expandable memory

–  2D/3D graphics

According to the spokesman for the Simmtronic company, the goal of the company is make an affordable tablet computer that can compete with those more expensive tablet computers now on the market.  This means that you won’t have to have oodles of extra money laying around or go into debt simply to own a high functioning tablet.  This is a big break through especially for students and those on limited budgets and there is plenty of interest for this type of tablet in the market with sales in  Asia already showing great promise.

However, Simmtronic is not done yet.  The company states that new developments in technology allows companies to make great functioning computers at much lower costs than was previously possible which is what allows them to offer this computer at under $100.00.  But, the real goal of this company is to find a way to offer this now affordable tablet computer for even less. Their aim is to some day soon cut the price of this computer to consumers in half.   Which will make it the most, or at least one of the most affordable tablet computers on the market today.

Of course, there are those detractors out there who make rash statements about how inexpensive tablet computers are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to usefulness and function and there will always be those customers who feel that by paying those high prices they are getting something of unique value which is fine.  Simmetronics isn’t a company that wants to change anyone’s mind about what a tablet computer should be or what it should sell for, they simply are trying to make an affordable tablet computer that everyone can afford.  They definitely seem to be on the right track of reaching that goal and the $81.00 Simmtronic Xpad is definitely on the right track.

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