X-Ray Vision Made Possible by WonderBra Decoder App

X-Ray Vision Made Possible by WonderBra Decoder App

As a way of marking its success in the world of multimedia, WonderBra has introduced an app that enables users to see underneath the clothes of a model. The Wonderbra Decoder App as it is called allows its users to see their luxury lingerie range as worn by the model Adriana Cernanova who is a professional in the modeling of sexy lingerie. It is a downloadable application that is provided free of charge, and gives its target market an opportunity to browse through various lingerie made available by Wonderbra. The application is available on smart phones that have the Android or iOS app store.

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The App from Wonderbra allows users to have an interactive experience while learning how to pick the correct bra for a particular outfit. The users of the application have to find images online or even in magazines that have a code displayed on them. The next step is to hold the smart phone on top of the code while the application is open so as to reveal the underwear that the model is wearing underneath. When using the Wonderbra Decoder App users can browse through a number of images where the model is wearing different outfits. The outfits are for daywear and special occasions and the app is used to revel what is underneath, which most times is a variety of underwear as well.

The reason for the launch of the Wonderbra app according to the company’s executives is to give women an opportunity to find the right bra that will enhance their outfits in an original yet fun way. Most women who are fashion conscious will be the biggest beneficiary of the application because they are able to look at the outfit of the model and the lingerie underneath before making a decision on whether to purchase it or not. Apart from the images of the underwear when using the app, users are can also view the details of the product that they may be interested in buying. The product details include a review of the colors that are available, size and the different designs as well.

Although one of the objectives of the marketing campaign by Wonderbra through their new app is to show that lingerie can be sexy and also serve other purposes, there is a fear that it may be getting attention from the men more than the women it is targeting. The idea of a sexy model getting undressed  down to her underwear through the use of the Wonderbra app may likely appeal to younger men, than women looking for a well fitting bra. Nevertheless, the campaign is set to run in October as well as November and Wonderbra hopes to have captured more of the market by the time it ends. Overall, this type of advertising done by Wonderbra through this application is one of a kind and is likely to attract attention from many people and probably see an increase in their sales.

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  1. jason samueal Says:

    That’s we called a progress in technology world; I would like to purchase a trial period for my wife as she is a fashion lover always fascinated from her favorite model. May be, now she will get something good to wear.






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