Do Your Pets Need Gadgets? Introducing The WonderWoof

  • January 14, 2015
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Do Your Pets Need Gadgets?

Are we ready for a world that includes gadgets not only for humans, but also for our pets? When I saw WonderWoof at CES this year I had to laugh. WonderWoof is the latest sensation in the doggie dog world that we live in. This revolutionary virtual diary allows dog owners to interact with their pet and other pet owners through an iOS app that also operates as a social media outlet for dogs.

Dog owners can connect with their pooch via a fashionable on-collar ‘bow-tie’ that transmits data from dog to diary through Bluetooth connectivity. The app tracks your dog’s whereabouts and monitors physical activity all while socializing with his or her doggie pals on Twitter. Users can create a profile for their dog, set health goals and objectives, track exercise and set reminders for veterinary visits, grooming appointments, play dates and more.

Do you miss your dog when you are not with him or her? If so, then Wonderwoof is definitely the app for you. It allows owners to stay close and snuggly with their pooch around the clock, even while they are away. Receive text messages from your dog to learn how and what he or she is doing and monitor behavioral patterns with updates sent right to your phone or tablet.

WonderWoof is also a fun and exciting way to motivate owners to spend more quality time with their companion. You and your dog can earn “bone bites and badges” for completing activities and achieving goals. The more activities you and your pet do together, the more badges you will earn.

The WonderWoof is not just a piece of wearable technology, but makes for a chic adornment as well. The bow tie is small, convenient and comfortable for your dog to wear and it is sure to be the talk of the dog park. So in this new world full of gadgets who knows, you and your dog may find a new playmate or romance.


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