Amazon Purchased GoPago: What You Need To Know

  • December 21, 2013
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Amazon Purchase of the company GoPago

We all have heard about the expansion and success of the increasingly growing and flourishing e-commerce market. But there is a technology that is giving e-commerce a run for its money and that technology is m-commerce. Today mobile commerce is the most desirable and profitable avenue to invest in, if you don’t believe us then you would surely believe after reading about the surprise business move of the biggest e-commerce site Amazon. A tabloid has recently reported that Amazon has purchased the San-Francisco based company GoPago that runs on the concept of tablet point of sale and works as a mobile payment startup.

GoPago Review

There were a lot of rumors about Google being interested in purchasing GoPago, but it seems like Amazon was quick enough to fix the deal. However there have been no confirmations regarding this matter from both the companies, but there haven’t been any denial as well. The terms and conditions have not been disclosed as well, but if this news has even a slightest substance to it then Amazon has definitely added a feather to its already flourished hat.

The platform of GoPago allows its users to make purchases and then enables to do pre-payments of the products and services they have purchased online through mobile apps. GoPago also offers its merchants an in-store point of sale system using a tablet, internet connection plus an added advantage to print the receipts and a well equipped cash box. And now that this mobile commerce company has been purchased by Amazon, it is going to benefit this website in a number of ways.

It is a known scenario that Amazon is facing a tough competition from its arch rival e-commerce company e-bay. E-bay till date used to have an edge over Amazon because it has moved PayPal to more and more retailers who have an advantage to make mobile payments. But if Amazon has purchased GoPago which is still a big question, then it will be a big blow to the business of E-bay. And not just E-bay but other e-commerce websites such as Square etc. will have to face a big blow. Many business experts feel that more than e-bay it is going to be Square that’ll have to face a lot of difficulties because of this Amazon and GoPago deal. The reasons are simple, Square just specializes in payment options, while Amazon now has both the convenient payment option and a customer base of around 224 million.

This historic acquisition is definitely worth considering because it highlights the blurring difference between marketplace and payment methods. Till now used to be just a marketplace where people could buy endless products such as books, cutlery and various machines etc. and the payment options comprised of various outside sources and modes but now it has certainly closed the loop of shopping and paying.

Now we just have to wait for the confirmations regarding this sale from the management of both the companies and if Amazon has sealed this deal then it is surely going to benefit the company and its customers in a lot of ways.

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