Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk Test

  • January 2, 2014
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Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk Test

I want to make a useful, action based blog. I think too many blogs preach to you what’s good, but they are generally super lazy. They tell you what’s good, but don’t ever test it themselves. At best they will tell you a friend of some guest blogger loves this or that, but what about the actual blogger? In my opinion most blogs suck and are a total waste of time. Most bloggers simply regurgitate tired information, but stop there. In 2014 will not do this!

I want to be a primary source of first hand knowledge you can use and trust. I want to not just talk about things, but do. So I was thinking what would be interesting to read in regards to the topic of making money online. Why not test out Amazon’s Mechanical Turk where users complete tasks and make money.

So far I signed up for Mechanical Turk and they are reviewing my application.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

From what I could Amazon would pay you between $0.05 – $0.20 on average per completed task. From what I’ve read you won’t make more than a few dollars per hour. That’s not bad in my opinion. I will keep you posted once I get accepted into the program.

Visit Amazon Mechanical Turk

Update #2 On Amazon Mechanical Turk After Acceptance

I was accepted into the program less than one day later. I logged into my account and was presented with offers that paid pennies on the dollar for a lot of work.

I then searched for offers that pay at least $1.00 to complete. I found a “HIT” that paid $4.50 for writing a description of a product, but I was “unqualified” for it.

I found a task that I could do that paid $1.00 called, “15 minute accademic study about decision making. (No internet searching!).” Again, didn’t work for me because web link did not appear.

Found another titled, “Take a 5-minute survey with 70-cent bonus opportunity!” Starting the survey, but wants me to do very strange tasks for only a $0.55 payment. Feel it’s not worth the time for information I’m giving them.

Finally found one that I’d like to do called, “Attractiveness judgments based on minimal information.” Sadly I didn’t qualify. Again!! This is getting frustrating.

Shorty after found one I can surely do titled, “Give us a fact about chicken wings.” I finished this HIT after searching for a fact about chicken wings and I will be paid around $0.10 if accepted.


My conclusion about Mechanical Turk so far is they want way too much information for pennies on the dollar. Users want you to do maximum work for very little money. I think you can make decent beer money income doing this regularly, but you have to be very careful what jobs you select. I for one don’t want to give away tons of personal information in a survey to a random stranger.

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