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  • November 10, 2016
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I know what you’re saying, you don’t need another fitness product in your life. You’ve tried them all, etc. etc. But this is the 21st century! Things are different, things really have changed for the better when it comes to fitness products. That’s where Stealth Fitness Core Training comes it. It’s next generation fitness technology.

Stealth Fitness merges core training with cutting edge technology. “Stealth uses custom game play on your smartphone to train 29 core muscles with unlimited workouts in 3 minutes a day.” If exercise isn’t fun and engaging on a daily basis you will not do it.

Stealth Core Training

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About The Project

“Stealth makes core training fun and efficient, helping you blend exercise into your day like brushing your teeth or taking a coffee break. That’s why we created Stealth to give you a quick effective core workout in under 3 minutes. Download the Stealth app on your smartphone, place it inside Stealth, choose your workout, get into the plank position, and start gaming your core. Stealth makes exercise easy and takes away all the excuses.”

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

What You Get

For only $99 you would of received a Stealth Core Trainer, but unfortunately it’s sold out. Now for $149 you will receive a core trainer and access to Stealth Games.

Kickstarter Goal

I rarely review such successful crowdfunding campaigns on opting for smaller ventures, but I think my readers will appreciate this one.


There are so many people, especially in the United States, looking to loose weight and become healthier. There’s also another group of people wanting to up their fitness game even further. Stealth gives individuals in both camps the opportunity to get better bodies through the merging of science, technology, and gamification of a core training fitness product.

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