Colluide Wants To Fix The Internet

A new startup called Colluide wants to fix the Internet with their #fixtheinternet project is an online consulting/blogging/E-Store startup focused on providing expert advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Primary specialties are on launching startups and helping businesses to develop a competitive advantage while maintaining a positive perspective.

Colluide wishes to launch our #fixtheinternet Intagram hashtag contest beginning June 1st. Come on board and fill the Internet with positive and accomplishing social media posts. Colluide is planning a new movement that sets the trend for more positive and virtuous posts. Colluidee wants to create awesome moments and replace the general negativism (break the internet) and vile postings on the Internet. They want to do good for their clients and create more optimism in the world.

Colluide fix internet

Every month of June will be #fixtheinternetmonth. Colluide intends to encourage people to make more conscientious posts on social media. Upload your art, travelling, witty, academic, or achievements through awesome posts of memes, pictures or videos via our website or the Colluide app using the hashtag #fixtheinternet.

Let the positive takeover begin! Become an internet Hall Of Famer by making awesome posts on Instagram to show up on the Wall Of Fame. Use the hashtag #fixtheinternet or #fixtheinternetmonth.

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