Working From Home Vs. Coworking Spaces

  • November 5, 2017
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If you work from home like me you might of wrestled with the idea of working from home vs. working in a coworking space. I still have mixed feelings when it comes to what exactly is the best way to get the most done during the day and stay motivated throughout. I once and for all will break down via blog post the pros and cons of coworking spaces vs. working from home.

The arguments, at least for me, is working from home allows me to work longer hours and get more done because there is no commute. There are also some downsides to working from home. Here are the pros and cons, something I’ve wanted to write down for a long time.

Co Working Space Pro Con

Working From Home Pros

– Allows you to theoretically work longer hours because there is zero commute.

– Allows you to get more done because everything you need is at your home office.

– You save on money because there is no gas, additional coworking space costs, and no money spent on eating out.

– No office politics. No office hierarchy.

Working From Home Cons

– Distractions. Sooooo many distractions. From your significant other, kids (If you have them), pets. The Amazon delivery person. Cleaning chores, lead blower, etc.

– Lack of motivation because no like minded entrepreneurs around.  Connection with the outside world for the most part is virtual.

– Lack of connection and networking opportunities. Human beings are first a foremost social creatures. We need connection above pretty much everything else. I think most people if they are honest with themselves is they want to make money, but they also want to share the time pursuing their careers with friends and colleagues around them. Working from home sometimes feels like being the most successful person on a deserted island, is that what life is about? I don’t think so. That’s why I lean towards the positive benefits of co-working spaces like WorkClub if your in London (Similar to WeWork).

Co-Working Space Pros

– You can work around people, be social while you work.

– You get new ideas from other people or even overhearing a interesting conversation.

– Like minded people give you energy.

– You might even make a friend.

– Less distraction. If you see people working, you’re more likely to work as well.

– Freelancing seems less virtual. Having an office makes the ephemeral nature of the internet seem more tangible and concrete.

– You might actually work more, because, at least for me being around other people gives me energy for the projects I’m involved in.

– You learn how other businesses operate. Not just yours.

– Your not alone. Your community has your back.

Cons Of Co-Working Spaces

– Commute.

– Extra cost per month.

– Extra cost of eating out if you don’t bring food.

– Gas money.


Ultimately if you want to sign up for a coworking space or not it’s up to you. I’ve purchased two co-working spaces and visited countless others and I have to say they do pay off. Unfortunately here in Seattle we have such bad traffic that the almost 2 hour commute (Round trip most downtown spaces) plus $20/day parking didn’t justify the expense. I heard about a company called WorkClub that if it comes to Seattle and it’s close I just might sign up for their service. It changes a membership that gives you unlimited access, this is huge because most spaces don’t give you 100% access with base fee. The company is currently getting funding through Crowdcube. Work Club is adding more venues in London and lets hope they come to United States soon.


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