4 to 20 mA Convertor Apple App Store

  • September 27, 2019
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I haven’t written an article in a long time, but I plan to start posting consistently again. Today I’m reviewing an app for engineers on the Apple App Store. It’s a 4 to 20 mA Convertor Process Value Convertor by Nico Sterckx and it’s only 99 cents.

Converter mA
4 to 20 mA convertor Process Value Convertor

Get the app here:


The app converts process values into 4-20 mA and vice versa. Analog instrumentation in an industry is based on the signal transmission of the process variable in a standard range of 4-20mA. The app will automate these tasks for engineers.

This application converts process values into 4-20 mA and vice versa. Analog instrumentation in an industry is based on the signal transmission of the process variable in a standard range of 4-20mA. A process variable such as pressure, temperature, flow, level, displacement, in any range of measurement is converted to 4-20mA current signal for transmission to the control panel. This App calculates this in an efficient and rapid way in both directions. Negative values are also included.

This app is very technical and only engineers will likely use it, but you should definitely check it out if you’re in the market for something like this. Best of all you get all this value for only $0.99.

UPstage The New App Designed For Theatre Professionals

  • April 27, 2019
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Are you a theatre professional looking to connect with the public and promote the play you are working on? There is a new app for that called Upstage. It’s an app specifically designed for theatre professionals and it needs your help on Kickstarter.

Visit their Kickstarter page today for more information:


Who are theatre professionals you might ask? Theatre professionals include theatre companies, actors, production teams, stage crew, playwrites, and even the venue itself. Theatre professionals include Upstage has set a goal of $5,000 in order to develop and go live with this app.

This is such a great idea!

Here is what the app looks like so far:

Add a play, catalog of plays, personnel, calendar, submissions, auditions, rehearsals, and search.

The app essentially lets multiple artists collaborate in real time via the UpStage platform to create and present live theatrical performances.

Industry Features Include:

You can search for plays one wants to produce, if the desired play is not found the theatre company can request submissions from playwrights, search jobs, search for auditions, create and send rehearsal notes, search for venues once you have show. Once you have done all this now you can promote the show and find an audience within 50 miles of your phone. Your actors, production team, and stage crew no longer have to update their resume that they were in your show. Upstage keeps a IMDB record of their work history.

Features For Average Customer:

You’ll get a preview of the play, who’s in the play, rating, playbill, driving directions, call the box office, buy a ticket, leave a review, and see how others review the play.

Any Kickstarter Bonuses?

Yes, there are several for this campaign. $1 gets you honorable mention, $50 gets you an account on UPstage for one year as a playwrite, actor, or production staff. $100 gets you all of the previous plus honorable mention on their website and mention on playbill. $200 gets you a full feature account for one year. The bonuses go all the way up to $5,000. This pledge gets you entry into Upstage introductory rates for the next 7 years, listing on the web site, listing on the playbill at annual festival in Chicago, listed in credits of their TV show, and they will create TV episodes for your plays for two years which air on cable access.


As a consumer I could definitely see myself checking this app regularly. I’m actually going to see West Side Story next month, but it would be nice to see additional plays at smaller theaters. Whenever I’ve seen a play in the past I usually search the largest theaters in my city or Ticketmaster directly. Since this app will allow more theater productions to happen me as a customer will be able to see a greater number of plays.

Upstage began development back in 2003 by programmer Douglas Bagnall and is still one of a kind. It’s the only platform that is all things theatre under one roof. The Upstage team have worked on this project for the past six years to perfect it and get it ready for this Kickstarter moment. Upstage is expected to arrive October 2019. Consider supporting their Kickstart campaign today. They have already created the product so there is no risk of not receiving delivery.

End Messy Cables Forever For Just $29

  • December 5, 2018
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As I’m writing this blog post there are literally cables everywhere. There are power cords for my computer and monitor, printer cables, USB cables, charging cables for my phone, and even a random Roku cable. Have you ever wondered is there a solution to ending the modern mess caused by tech cables? Well I have good news for you there is a Kickstarter that’s currently in funding stages that will solve this problem for you for just $29.

The Kickstater campaign has a funding goal of $1,281 and I’m happy to report that the goal has been met, they actually have received $2,373 in pledges thus far. Please check out their Kickstarter and consider purchasing this cable solution for only $29. This is early bird pricing only, it will go up to $59 very soon. Best part of this offer is you get worldwide free shipping.

Kickstarter Campaign:


Kickstarter Cable Management

I plan on organizing my space very soon, there is something calming about an organized office. Kind of like making your bed in the morning an organized office starts your day out on the right foot.

The cable solution is unlike anything I’ve seen before. The cable system is made up of modules that connect together behind one’s desk and fit together to hide and protect all the cables on one’s desk.

Here’s what makes the system so special:

– The long module contains your main cables.

– The T-module splits the cable in different directions.

– The corner module splits cable out in different directions in different corners of the desk.

– There are extension modules that one can use to fit the system to any size desk or room.

– The big module support of 5-8 cables, the medium module supports 3-5 cables, and the small modules support 1-2 cables.

The pieces fit together like LEGO blocks. You can customize them in virtually any way you want to. It’s not just limited to one’s desk either. There’s a store where I live called the Container Store, it’s a store dedicated to finding organizing solutions. They definitely need this cable management system by GreenLanternLabs on their shelves.

So what are you waiting for? Get your space organized in 2019. These things start shipping in February 2019.

Leftover Pizza On YouTube Needs Your Patreon Support

  • October 2, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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Some of my favorite channels on YouTube are the most random ones. I find I start loosing interest once the channels become too formulaic. It’s almost like channels reach a certain level of popularity, production budgets rise, and the channels start to get boring. There’s a channel on YouTube that definitely meets this random criteria, it’s called Leftover Pizza.

Leftover Pizza provides a random, hilarious, mixed bag of content. Donating to Leftover Pizza’s YouTube Channel on Patreon will ensure more content gets produced and that’s a functioning business.

Check out their YouTube channel!


Donate to Leftover Pizza on Patreon:


Leftover Pizza Patreon

Donations btw are not mandatory. Content will always be free, but if you are feeling generous support the channel.

The channel is comedy focused and full of funny random videos. Lots of the video include clips from popular shows or commercials with edited in content. One my favorite videos on the channel is the spoof on Billy Mays. The entire commercial is dubbed with funny commentary. I’m a huge fan of As Seen On TV products and Billy Mays so I enjoyed this one.

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several Patreon rewards for this campaign. Just $1, yes you heard right, just $1 gets you eligible to submit an up to 30 second channel/content commercial to our business email, name in credits, and Patron exclusive content. $5 gets you all previous plus advertising on Leftover Pizza social media or Podcast. The rewards go all the way up to $100 and that gets you all previous rewards as well as a chance to get a private session with one of our crew members via Hangouts on advice for channel growth, video ideas, and content advertisement.


If you like random, funny, comedic videos consider support Leftover Pizza on Patreon today.

Many Flames Away YouTube Gaming Channel On Patreon

  • September 15, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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Christopher Gist needs your support for his YouTube gaming channels on Patreon. The first channel he’s running is called Many Flames Away and the other one is called Running Hell. At the moment he’s stopped his Running Hell gaming channel, but Many Flames Away is very active!

Support On Patreon:


Support Gist On Patreon

Many Flames Away consists of lots of random videos including parodies, vlogs, and short gaming clips. By supporting Gist, you can guarantee that he will create content more often and more money will be put back into his videos.

Gist already has quite the following on his Many Flames Away YouTube channel with over 1,196. Just one video alone the he posted only 1 week ago has 11K subscribers. Topics so far include announcements, high school explained by Smash Brothers, how to get work and play done, ASMR, and more. Lots of great, interesting videos to choose from.

What Are The Rewards?

There are several great awards to this Patreon if you decide to donate. Just $2 gets you exclusive content. $5 you’ll get a actually cookie shipped to you haha. $10 or more per month gets you a shout out in every video he posts as long as you’re a supporter. Finally $25 gets you access to secret videos on Patreon.

What’s The Goal?

The goal of this campaign is $100 per month. If Gist achieves this goals he says he will have a monthly Q&A livestream on YouTube, where I sit for an hour and answer questions.


Are you into random videos including parodies, vlogs, and short gaming clips? If the answer is yes consider Gist and Many Flames Away on YouTube. Right now he’s at only $0 so he needs your support as soon as possible!

Band of Misfits Podcasts And Video Reviews On Patreon

  • June 25, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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Are you a lover of podcasts, witty conversations, essays, and YouTube reviews? There’s a Patreon campaign from an organization doing just that, they are called Band of Misfits. Band of Misfits created by Wyatt Craker, his wife, and cohost Xbrick isn’t doing just some generic reviews and podcasts. Watch and listen to things such as livestreams to hour-long conversations about Alien and The Thing. Band of Misfits are also getting ready to start Cocktail Commentary, a series where they commentate over a movie while drinking a custom cocktail made for that viewing. Also, there is a Podcast called BooWee & Brick and a Podcast called Date Night with Wyatt’s wife. All it takes is one dollar a month to make all this happen.

Band Of Misfits Channel Banner

Consider supporting Band of Misfits today:

Support now on Patreon!


Band Of Misfits Patreon

Band Of Misfits has already raised $4/month, but they have a long way to go to make this a self funding operation.

Check out their YouTube Channel:


They have 61 subscribers and many videos. The top video has other 500 views.

Check Out The Podcast

BooWee and Brick Podcast

Boowee and Brick

Are There Any Patron Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards for this campaign.

$1 per month gets you a big Thank You!

$5 per month gets you access to the Patreon level of the discord.

$10 or more per month allows you to suggest movies for Cocktail Commentary videos.

Future Goals?

At the $10 per month level Band Of Misfits has the goal of proving it just might be possible to make a go of this thing. At the $100 per month level this would allow them to put money back into the channel and making it better. At the $101+ or more level the sky’s the limit.


Band of Misfits is expanding in many different directions right now and they need your help in order to continue. Consider supporting Band of Misfits today.

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