Evernote Just Improved Review by CashSherpa.com

  • September 12, 2011
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Evernote Just Improved Review by CashSherpa.com

Evernote is a very popular service. Having started just a few years ago, the web site has expanded to fulfill the needs of millions who take notes every day, using the web version, or one of the many apps. But what exactly is Evernote?

There are a lot of notes clients out there. From Lotus Notes, to Microsoft OneNote, these have traditionally been desktop applications, often paired with email systems, on which people could write down things to do, tasks or reminders, and perhaps have the program send them notifications. But Evernote changed everything.

What started as a note taking web service evolved into much more. Now people can upload images, documents, almost anything they want, as part of their note taking routine. They also have an app for all smartphones including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and WebOS. The apps integrate with the device to make it easy to store ideas and notes, reminders, things you want to write down.

Evernote also comes with a full search feature that easily scans photos and documents for a specific subject. It syncs between all versions, and provides sharing features. Evernote has truly become the de facto standard for many people as their virtual memory.

The service comes with 2 plans: Free and Premium. The free version allows almost all the features available on the service, but has a few restrictions. The most noteworthy are a limit of 60MB upload per month, and the available file formats you can upload to your Evernote account.

Now however, Evernote announced that they have removed one of those limits. Now, free users will be able to access any type of document. This means text, PDF, Microsoft Office, images, and so on. The other restrictions remain, such as the ability to go up to 1GB of uploads, and the advanced collaboration features.

This is a big deal for Evernote as the note taking service is working on becoming more, and in turn getting more users. With file access, you can store more than notes, but documents and pictures. The upload limit still poses limits for things other than text, but it’s a good start for Evernote to compete with more open services like Dropbox.

Indeed, the company did say that there’s a lot more innovation in the work, but wouldn’t say what exactly. The service has kept growing and is today arguably the most popular such system in use, especially on smartphones. It will be interesting to see what comes next from Evernote.

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