Making Money Online By Creating WordPress Themes

Making Money Online By Creating WordPress Themes

Every business and some individuals need a website to promote itself and to describe them to the world. WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the market to manage all types of websites and serving many users.  Developer of wordpress are more interested in developing its theme as many users will be going to user their high class skilled work and giving developers a good profit and chance to make more dollars for their hard work. We are going to provide you things to remember before start developing Premium WordPress Theme to sell and make money from it.

Wordpress Themes

Follow the Standard Norms When Creating WordPress Themes:

Always follow the standardization while creating theme to attract more valuable buyers. It avoids you to write unnecessary coding and protect you from a mess to happen in development. You need to use Genesis or Thesis which are a theme framework to make your development easy. WordPress has its own set of coding standards. Follow them otherwise an average user can reject your theme if it is not properly coded. To ensure the coding standard always use Theme Check, a handy plug-in.

WordPress Theme Option and Customizability:

The best thing you could do is to provide a customizing option into your theme to make more money. WordPress users love the themes more which has this option. Everyone wants to customize their website at their will. If you provide the option to make user a minor change into your codes then your theme might be used by a handful websites only. So adding the functionality of Theme Option would be a great idea.

Support and Other Document:

Keep in mind that you should provide a proper documentation about your theme and should be regularly updated according to users need and queries. Many WordPress developers and student bloggers need to get answer for their queries and this will make a chance to compete better in the market and user appreciate it very much. Whether you are selling your theme on a high price or low price be prepare to provide support to your buyers.

Never Ignore Competition:

You need to do anything when you start developing your theme. WordPress theme market it very crowded, quality level is so high and so competition is extremely high. If you want to be more successful and to make more money, then take care of all area properly. Add more features, provide theme option, easy customization, support and reach to your theme buyers. If any competitors undercut your price then it will create a very bad effect on your sell.

Other Profiting Tips When Creating WordPress Themes:

Other than above mentioned things design theme that have specific purpose. Develop some photography themes, portfolio themes, and shopping cart based themes etc. These can get you a huge amount if buyer found something extraordinary in your theme. Add certain feature like social media integration, form creation, design and plug-ins for your theme and see your financial improvement.
Never expect that once you developed your theme and you’ll start making high dollars from the same day. It will take time. Once your theme became get sell for a website, each visitor will see your work and you will reach a very large audience.


So if you are considering entering into the theme development market to make money, always remember the things explained above before making your final decision. Provide more features to your theme, add feature like social media integration, give customization facility, ready to answer user queries, and attach proper documentation etc to get more sell and profit.

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  1. martin samuel Says:

    I must say that downloading free templates doesn’t meet the criteria for a successful business site; so I purchased couple of paid templates and now my site is going up in the search engine. I will forward your post to my developing team to get some fresh ideas.






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