Adding Animated Video To Your Marketing Plan

  • April 24, 2016
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Adding Animated Video To Your Marketing Plan

Top companies like know the value of animated videos in promoting their products. This not a coincidence that companies using animated videos are the top companies in the market. The videos must have some sort of power in convincing potential customers and retaining the old ones.

What is the Degree of Effectiveness of an Animated Video?

With a properly done animated video, a company can increase its conversion rate by up to 25%. Yes, 25% increase in conversion rate for just using an animated video. This shows how effective an animated video can be. All that a company need to do is to create a killer animated video and watch it convert potential leads to real customers.

Why is an Animated Video Effective?

There are many reasons that try to explain the effectiveness of animated video production. Here below are some of the reasons why an animated video can help your business increase conversion rate to 25%.

Visual and verbal learning

Animated videos are outstanding because they use a combination of two most effective modes of communication. Visual and verbal are the best ways of communicating to a consumer audience. With the use of visual and verbal modes, consumer audience is likely to retain over 50% more information than if it were to be written. This is why animated videos are considered effective.

Clear presentation

Animated videos are very clear in their presentation. With animated videos, a business can remove any form of ambiguity in its product. This clarity is what makes it an effective way of presenting information.


Animated videos are very simple. A lot of information is passed to the audience in just a minute or two. This high level of simplicity is what make animated videos a preferable way of promoting products.


Animated videos are quite interesting in their nature. In as much as they pass important information about a product, they are also humorous and thus liked by many people. This way, people are likely to share these videos over the social networks. The fact that they are sharable are what make them effective.

The above mentioned show why animated videos are considered effective. Noting its effectiveness, businesses should ensure that they have animated videos to explain their products.


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