New Video Platform Amazon Video Direct

  • May 16, 2016
  • Tech
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New Video Platform Amazon Video Direct

If you didn’t hear already there is a new video platform in town called Amazon Video Direct. I signed up for an account at The process was relatively quick, but you need to enter payment and tax information in order to start since Amazon will pay for content you upload via advertising. I uploaded the video worldwide checking two options. Free with Prime or free to view with advertisement pre roll. All the info I entered was pretty standard, but I did get hung up on closed captioning. In order to distribute your video content on Amazon Video Direct you must upload a file with the audio transcribed. Amazon suggests companies that will do this for you, I went ahead and got one done at Fiverr. The video I uploaded is now ‘pending’ and has been for a couple days. The first video had the wrong transcription format so it was rejected. Hoping Amazon Video Direct takes off.

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