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  • September 23, 2016
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Greg Chapman wants to continue making history fun with the help of your support on Patreon. For those of you who don’t already know Patreon is the crowdfunding site that supports creators. From artists to Youtube channels Patreon has been a great asset to the online creator community.

Making history fun has been Greg Chapman’s goal for many years since his first Condensed Histories show in 2011. Since that time Chapman has expanded into shows, books, and a webseries. Greg wants to expand his current projects and make it big in 2016 with the help of Patreon. I am a huge, huge, huge supporter of Pateron so I hope my readers check out Chapman’s page here: The world needs more people that make learning fun. Artists and content creators need a way of funding their creativity that isn’t strictly ad revenue based.

Greg Patreon

Here’s a litter more information taken for his Patreon page:

“This started back in March with 52 straight days of videos with my sonnet challenge. This challenge is where I wrote and filmed a sonnet every day for 52 days (one for each year of Shakespeare’s life) until the 400th anniversary of his death. (You can see the videos at at

From the 12th of September the regular series starts. Once a week, usually on a Monday, I will be releasing a VLog recorded at a show or some other point in my work over the previous week while travelling around the country performing. Then later in the week (usually a Thursday) there will be a history episode detailing a piece of history in the Condensed Histories style. Previous topics covered have included Sudeley Castle, Captain Kidd’s Treasure, Hero of Alexandria, and the the origin of Father Christmas. There will also be additional review episodes and more episodes planned to come in over the coming months.

I release my videos through YouTube and iTunes, but neither of these offer a real chance to earn the money needed to get the equipment and time I need to improve and expand the series to what it could be, and  so in order to keep improving the videos I have decided to open a Patreon account so that those who want to support the series can do so, and get some nice bonuses as well! Obviously I will continue to make the videos anyway, it is something I enjoy doing and a useful addition to the Condensed Histories line, but extra help means improvements in every aspect of the videos, and eventually expanding them more and more!

Much of the money received through Patreon will go to upgrading the equipment I use on the series, but also to more props and set pieces which will be used in the series and in live shows. This money will also allow me to offer up some free shows to schools who would otherwise not be able to afford visiting performers.”

Patreon Goal

The goal is set at $250/month as of now which is very realistic. I’d recommend pledging at the $10/month level because you will one of his pin badges and a personally written postcard of thanks from one of my shows while on tour for every month you stay at this level.

Thanks readers for considering Greg Chapman of Condensed Histories. Please support his efforts so that he can continue making history fun.

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