The World’s Only Multi-Functional Folio, Clutch, Messenger, and Laptop Bag On Kickstarter

  • March 9, 2020
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Are you looking for a handmade bag that matches your unique, personal style? Introducing the KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags’ the world’s only multi-functional Folio/ Clutch/ Messenger/ Laptop Bag now available for support on Kickstarter.

If you’ve ever been on Amazon and searched the keywords “clutchbag” you’ll be confronted with a sea of generic, boring handbags. The uniformity actually looks like every sci-fi show in the future where everyone wears the same uniform. You have to ask youself… “Do I want to be like everyone else?” If the answer is yes than go ahead and purchase form a mass market store. If the answer is no than you may be the next customer of the KNOTTY Bag.

The most distinctive part of the KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags in my opinion is the styling. This is a bag that will truely set you apart from others. I can imagine lots of people at the airport asking about it, in the office, or coffee shop. The bag takes its styling cues from high end fashion. Watch the Kickstarter video and you’ll see what I mean. Some of the bags featured in the video are based on a leather jacket and tuxedo. It’s one of the most unique clutch bags I’ve seen actually. Style features include clean lines, sustainable leather and synthetic materials (No Ostrich or Crocs), multi pockets, functionality and luxury, classic design, and lightweight materials.

Support KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags’ on Kickstarter

I’d like to support the campaign, but when will I get my bag?

The campaign will run from Feb. and ends this month. Product goes into full production in April – May. Shipping starts in June and fulfillment to all backers starts in September. “We will work hard to ensure that we deliver what we promise and to go the extra mile whenever it is possible.” This is a “all or nothing” campaign so if you’d like the bag be sure to support their $15,165 goal as soon as possible.

KNOTTY ClutchBag

Not only is the bag stylish it’s also functional.

– Pen slot

– Outlet rear zipper pocket

– Inner zipper pocket

– Quick access slots

– Special strap when carrying a laptop (13.3 in.)

– Fits a luggage bar perfectly

– 2 in 1 optional detachable shoulder strap

– Lightweight

– Fits a phone in the mobile phone slot

– Passport sleave

Shoulder Strap Bag

The ability to use the KNOTTY Bag on one’s luggage bar at the airport is one of my personal favorite features.

Kickstatar Rewards

The rewards start at £115 and that level gets you one clutch bag. Pledges go all the way up to £2,129 and that gets you 20 clutch bags. Each one of these rewards has a limited amount. The £115 reward level seems to be the most popular so you might want to hurry if you are interested in one. Kickstarter funds will be used for 50% raw materials and manufacturing, 20% taxes, 16% packaging and shipping, 8% crowdfunding platform and merchant fee, and finally 6% promotion. “At KNOTTY we work together, every single day, to redefine the world of functional fashion.”

Support KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags’ on Kickstarter.


If you are looking for a unique, distinctive, fashion forward bag consider supporting the KNOTTY Bag Kickstarter Campaign today. If you like the KNOTTY Bag they will be back at it again with their new line of belts with glass buckles very soon. Stain tuned!

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