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  • July 9, 2016
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Indiegogo Shaman’s Wisdom The Gates of Eternity would like to bring this exciting Indiegogo campaign to our reader’s attention. Read what the animators at Amaralis Group have to say about their campaign. “We are a team of animators, artists and writers. Now we are engaged in the creation of a 2D animated film “Shaman’s Wisdom. The Gates of Eternity.” We ask you for help with any party for our project.” You can find more information here:

Shaman's Wisdom. The Gates of Eternity

What Is Shaman’s Wisdom The Gates of Eternity About?

“This film is about the mysteries and ancient teachings of shamans and in general of all the mystical and awareness that can help us to get out of the framework of stereotypical life and discovering something another in this the world. Basically, our team is composed of young, ambitious and enterprising people with the artistic view of the world ,who love to travel and look at life from all sides without losing sight of its objectivity . We are also associated interest in the books and the teachings of Carlos Castaneda, who helps us understand and feel something what a lot of people who do not stand out from the gray mass of everyday only vaguely heard . We very want to share our experiences and feelings with other people, who through this cartoon will be able to discover many new things and beautiful.Perhaps their life will not be the same monotone and senseless as before.They can find new aspects and areas in which they have not even looked before. We are now at phase of collecting funds for our project in all possible ways including crowdfunding.”

Shaman's Wisdom. The Gates of Eternity.

Want To Help?

“We ask you for help with any party, since tell about our project to friends, reposting links to our project web sit? ( in their social networks, speak about our ideas on yours blog (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and if possible to support us financially on crowdfunding platform indiegogo.”

We hope you found this Indiegogo campaign interesting.


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