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  • January 19, 2017
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AdaptivePlay is doing something interesting on Patreon and needs your support: Adaptive Play is creating video game journalism and needs funding in order to grow. What is video game journalism you ask? It’s just like regular news except it’s 100% dedicated to providing the latest news in the world of gaming.

In 2015 the organization was known as ParaguayanGamer, but in May 2016 the name was changed to AdaptivePlay. Gaming is huge, why aren’t more news networks out there? ParaguayanGamer is trying to fill this gaming niche and take advantage of the the lack of quality gaming news sites. The goal right now stands at only $80/month.


Who Are They?

“With the growth of the team, we are here to deliver our community with a look into the world of gaming – from gaming news, reviews, interviews, convention coverage, and more! We are looking to give you all your heart’s desire when it comes to games.”

What’s Their Mission?

“We have loved games ever since we were little kids, and we want to spread our passion to the world when it comes to everything about games!”

AdaptivePlay Goals

“We want to provide you, our community, the latest news, reviews, leaks, convention coverages, and everything in gaming.

Developer Interviews: This is a feature we would like to have later down the road, where we will be providing you with an interview from the developers themselves. We will be asking all the burning questions!

Everything on Nintendo: Jared888 will be giving you everything in the world of Nintendo from games, consoles, and more.

Convention Coverage: We are going straight to the convention floor to ask developers and panelists questions as well as covering the games that are being shown off.

Reviews: Our team of writers will be bringing you reviews and impressions before your very eyes. We will add video reviews later on for you, the community.

Twitch Streaming: Check out our Twitch channel for live streams of the latest games, and to hang out or join a game with a member of our staff. Once we have enough viewers and followers, we will be doing giveaways. Be sure to give us a follow and join the fun!”

Where Does Patreon Funding Go?

“All funding from this Patreon will be put directly into running the site for AdaptivePlay. All of our staff are currently unpaid, and volunteering their time for their passion in video games. We all share the dream of AdaptivePlay becoming a name used along with many of the top-tier video game news and reviews sites.”

Funding Bonuses

If you support their Patreon page with just $1/month you’ll get a username for forums and name/URL on partner support page. Pledge just $2/month and get shout out on YouTube, plus all the previous bonuses. Donate just $5/month and get a chance to have a monthly chat with a staff member and all previous bonuses. These are some of the best bonuses I’ve seen at such low pledge amounts. Take advantage of them today, they are that good.

On the AdaptivePlay’s Patreon page there is a statement that says “Every dollar helps.” I think especially online we forget to support the creators we love. We think what they are doing is great, but it would take way too much effort and/or way too much money to help this person/company out. Patreon solves this issue making is easy for people to support the content they care about. Also, people realize it doesn’t take much to make a huge difference. AdaptivePlay’s lowest pledge amount is $1/month, practically everyone has $1.00. Please consider support AdaptivePlay and video game news on Patreon:

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