Amphloat V1 Patent Pending Emergency Vehicle Flotation System

  • February 4, 2017
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Introducing the Amphloat V1 Patent Pending Emergency Vehicle Flotation System and they need your help. The Amphloat V1 is currently on GoFundMe and needs help reaching their goal. At the time of this blog post the campaign is just 9 hours, get in early. Check out their page and consider funding this very unique idea:

Fran Morgan-hughes and his engineering partner are in the early stages of this potentially life saving endeavor. Money raised in GoFundMe campaign will be used to test different materials.

What’s The Amphloat V1?

“The Amphloat V1 is a Patent Pending emergency flotation system made up of 4 units that are placed on each side of a vehicles undercarriage, the units deploy when the vehicle enters life threatening water, there is a depth sensor, mixing Module that triggers ignition, compressed gas canister, and flotation bag.”

Flotation System

“When deployed the bags will float the vehicle evenly.”


What The Purpose?

“The system is designed to give the vehicles occupants a lot more time to escape the vehicle safely should an accident happen where a vehicle leaves the road and goes into a lake, river, sea, or flash flooding.”

Back Story

“Ive always tried to think of ways to make a safety system that would allow flotation of a vehicle should something happen for whatever reason and it enters deep water. seeing that there wasnt any type of product on the market myself and my partner decided to design this system and try get it funded for worldwide production.”

Fran Morgan-hughes and his engineering partner want you to be apart of the process. They plan to show you the journey, step-by-step. The team is even open to suggestions stating: “Want to suggest a change ect. please do not hesitate we will welcome ideas.” Interested in this Go Fund Me Project? Support the Amphloat V1 here: Looking forward to seeing this one become a reality.




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