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  • February 16, 2017
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Today I wanted to let my readers know about a cool little trading desk simulator startup called¬† It’s the first site I’ve seen that simulates what trading currencies for a large market maker is like.

First go to site, next either register or sign in as a guest, and you will instantly be transported to the trading desk simulator. Best played on a laptop/mac/pc than a tablet.

Simulator Screen

Trading Screen Simulator

Once you get this thing going you’re getting phone calls, news is coming in, you can put in or cancel orders. It’s just like a real trading desk.


“You assume the role of a trader on one of the world’s busiests trading desks. You will quote two way prices to multiple clients, monitor your positions and manage your risk. You will adhere to your trading limits and experience the stresses and highs of a trading day. Good performance may enable an increase in your trading limits.”

More Simulator Backstory

“Sometimes when you are having a chat with the other half, some questions pop out which you struggle to answer correctly.
When the wife asked why trading can be stressful at a large bank, giving the usual platitudes about large deals, quick pace, egomaniacs, adrenaline just didn’t seem to suffice. So I thought, better than that I’d go to the trouble of building a simulator to illustrate what trading currencies for a large market maker is like. Think trading on a spot FX Desk at the likes of JP Morgan or Citi in NY for example. Or stocks before the machines almost completely took over.”

This is a very interesting, niche simulator that I think will be very educational.

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