Save $100 on the Body Bugg from 24 Hour Fitness Only $199

  • September 17, 2008
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The 24 Hour Fitness Body Bugg is a fitness product featured in NBC’s Biggest Loser Season 6. The Body Bugg keeps track of the number of calories one burns per day and packages this with diet software. According to the 24 Hour Fitness web site, “The Body Bugg helps you lost weight by monitoring your calorie expenditure and consumption using the most sophisticated consumer body monitoring capabilities available on the market today. In studies comparing calorie expenditure measurements from the BodyBugg device to calorie expenditure measurements in a metabolic chamber (the “gold standard” of calorie expenditure measurement), the BodyBugg achieved average accuracy rates of 92%.”

The regular price on the Body Bugg is $299.00, but right now you can save $100.00 by buying the Body Bugg online through 24 Hour Fitness. The fitness blog says the BodyBugg counts calories by calculation the number of steps taken per day and comparing this against your weight. The user interface is easy to use. There are graphs to show your daily nutritional intake and where you’re at. Some of the cons of the device include the price, entering food items is difficult, and errors in programming. The author comes to the conclusion that’s a “glorified pedometer” and there are cheaper alternatives on the market.

If you go to the 24 Hour Fitness web site the product gets 5 out of 5 stars. One reviewer by the name of Joycei states, “I have been using the BB for 2 months so far and have lost weight which is great but more importantly, it has made me workout more often and longer than I was before. It really motivates me to get to the gym and stop making excuses. It takes all of the guesswork out of whether or not I burned enough calories to eat that burger! Since using it, I have met many other people who are too and they all have said the same thing…they have been able to achieve weight loss like they never have before. I would recommend this to anyone who is ready to act on what they learn from the BB.”

My conclusion is that with the $100 savings and ease of use the BodyBugg it is worth purchasing. The blogger that gave it a slightly negative review at the time of print the cost for the Bugg was $400. So at $199.00 it’s on par with a good pedometer and diet software program. The Body Bugg gives you the pedometer and software in one easy to use sleek package. So I recommend it if your looking to get into shape.

Learn more about the BodyBugg at 24 Hour Fitness

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