Home-Automation By Power Of Your Heartbeat

  • December 18, 2016
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Today I discovered a fascinating company in the field of home automation. It seems like science fiction but the physiological adaptations of our heart may soon replace the voluntary actions that result from our thinking. “Heartswitch is a device allows you to turn on/off any electrical equipment through impulses coming from the heart.” If you or someone you know is disabled Heartswitch may be the solution for you.

Heartswitch with just your heartbeat can control windows, electric heating, electrical lights, alarms, and even a coffee maker. “This is an evolution of the “Home Automation”, it’s the beginning of the “Bio-automation” and “Wearable Technology” revolution, that sciences is able to improve quality life starting from the signals of our organs (electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electromyography, blood pressure, respiratory flow/volume).” What makes this even more interesting is lets say your heartbeat speeds up the system could react accordingly.

Visit their Facebook page: http://fb.me/heartswitchproject

What’s The Goal?

“The goal is to extend this project to all aspect of daily life like activating or deactivating windows, electric heating, electrical lights, alarms, until invariably the integration with the most advanced machines such as a rocking chair or a machine that makes coffee, when from your heart it appears that you are going to wake up.”

All this automation is brought to reality by Bluetooth LE protocol. Using this technology the bracelet is long lasting without needing to recharge it. “The heartbeat signal picked up by the cuff is modulated by a microcontroller comparing the BPM, with a user-defined variable. Therefore, determines the swiching ON/OFF for devices connected to the specific electrical devices, at home or in small offices. The protocol that we preferred is a low power Bluetooth LE, significantly more power efficient than Bluetooth Classic.”

The idea comes from two Italian guys from Naples, who have already developed a prototype. The company is open to suggestions just contact them via Facebook. Look for this project in January 2017 on Kickstarter.

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