Review of Content Watch / Net Nanny by

Review of Content Watch / Net Nanny by

This is the final review in my 3 part series of Internet Safety Software. Review 3 of 3 is on software Content Watch / Net Nanny.

Content Watch provides a flexible and thoroughly capable filtering of web pages as well as access control which is time sensitive. They provide a detailed report of interaction on the internet. They notify you by email of the sites which are blocked. They also provide tamper-resistant software which can be managed or reported remotely.
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With the setting of the passwords, you can block access to many sites which are considered dangerous or harmful, make changes even if you are away from computer and a set time allotted for internet usage. They offer a complete filtering solution for your computer.

Content Watch proudly introduced Net Nanny. This is made to work like a regular nanny, just on the internet and serves to protect the contents viewed by your children on the internet. Filtering unwanted content is one of the features of Net Nanny and the results are internet access which is free from harmful threats and unauthorized content.

The 6.0 version of Net Nanny was the winner of a best buy award. It comes with useful features. These are responses to blocked content in the form of email alerts as well as a filter for swearing which works in replacing obscenities with cartoon symbols such as #$@&! As well as site blocking which is based solely on the keywords used. Net Nanny also works to protect users from accessing spreadsheets which contains URLs which are questionable or those used to try out the softwares which offer parental control.

The install program on Net nanny enables easy installation of its protection without additional tweaking. All is needed is the acceptance of the configuration which is set on the program which then lead to a rebooting of the system. After this is done, the users of the computer are restricted.

Net Nanny is able to monitor the applications and activities which are conducted on you computer. This program can monitor the utilities on the internet, such as website browsers or email, but involves a lot more. It works while the application is being run on your computer online as well as offline.

Out of  the many programs being introduced to protect children and unauthorized content on the internet, Net Nanny is said to be one of the most effective to date, as it blocks or screens contents of email, both for those being received and those being sent. Some of the other products which claim to do this will only block the access which is based on the names of the files. This can only work one way.

Net Nanny is able to monitor the entire access from the point of entry to the activity performed on the site. This enables your children to have a safe browsing experience.

Net Nanny allows you to combine the flexibility and ease-of-use with its ability to block and set up many activities which are done on the internet. The filter it provides is wide ranging and effective in ensuring the safe use of the internet by your children.

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2 Responses

  1. rainbow river Says:

    Netnanny is over rated and doesn’t work. It blocked wifi access in public places. It took me over 2 hours to figure what the problem was. I unintalled netnanny, wifi works. but 2 hours of wasted time. it doesn’t even have a temporary disable button. So I unstilled it completely. so bye bye netnanny. I will call my credit card company to get refund. It screwed up gmail as well. can’t access gmail. called netnanny, they said that they know of the problem. it is pretty dumb after so many releases: lack of features etc… it keeps asking me for overrides…. It is a piece of junk.

  2. philpdx Says:

    It is VERY easy (with a password) to temporarily disable netnanny – just right-click on the NetNanny icon on the toolbar. This is an iron-clad program that resists vritually any and all attempts to bypass or disable it, including proxies, secure https sites, and more. Works fairly seamlessly to monitor social networks such as FB as well.






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