Review of Blog Talk Radio – Easily Create an Online Radio Show & Reach Millions Today

  • December 18, 2012
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Review of Blog Talk Radio – Easily Create an Online Radio Show & Reach Millions Today

Blog Talk Radio has been in existence since August 2006 and was set up by Alan Levey and Bob Charish. The two who had the idea of giving internet users an opportunity to have their own radio shows, have seen their embraced by many resulting in success for years. In simple terms, Blog TalkRadio is a website that provides users with all the tools they need so that they can set up their own radio show from which they can broadcast their preferred message to their audience. The radio stations that are hosted on Blog Talk Radio are many and handle diverse topics which are beneficial to people seeking information on many areas of life.

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Create a Radio Show and Reach Millions

The website which is managed by these two pioneers has attracted people that lead diverse lifestyles and have different values to set up their own radio stations. The setting up process is simple and is done by making a call and following the instructions given on the user’s computer. When the station has been set up the content needed to sustain the show is provided by the host, who needs to have prepared in advance so that the subject is interesting resulting in the attraction of new listeners and appropriately covering of the time slots allocated. When stations are run successfully, they attract advertisers from which the administrators of Blog Talk Radio earn revenue.

The many listeners who tune in to radio stations on Blog TalkRadio are able to join in conversations and even ask questions as long as the station is live. To be able to be part of the conversation on a radio show, listeners can call in online or place a call through a chat line, which they can also use to interact with people using other lines as well. Furthermore, the users of Blog TalkRadio can able to regulate their chat line so that the information passed is done in moderation or blocked altogether.

Blog TalKRadio in the recent years has been upgraded in terms of features which gave the website an improved look. The new features that were part of the upgrade included the overall design which was done in a way that focused on getting visitors to the site and have them listen to the shows on the site. Furthermore, an approach that is streamlined in regard to the enhancements that are a part of Blog TalkRadio helps in the subscription to applications such as iTunes which improve the use of the website. These subscriptions are beneficial for both the host of the show and the management of Blog TalkRadio.

Nevertheless, initially critics of Blog TalkRadio saw the use of telephone exclusively by the host to connect to the listeners as limiting and would suggest the broadcasting of shows directly from the computer. Furthermore, there seems to be competition that is building up from websites that offer video as part of their content apart from audio. Overall, sites such as Blog Talkradio are still popular even though they only allow their users to broadcast through audio channels.

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