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  • November 14, 2013
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Preserve Your Video Memories Through

YesVideo offers unique services to families to preserve their memories forever. It is the largest and trusted movie service provider. It develops unique services through which families will be able to enjoy special moments and relive forever. The time moves very quickly. Your marriage, anniversaries, kids, their birthdays, college days and their marriage all these incidents will move fast. You might have piled up huge collection of sweet memories and difficult times as well. By utilizing the special services offered by YesVideo, families can share those special moments and celebrations will continue forever.

YesVideo Review

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About YesVideo

YesVideo has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. The production orders are processed through the Studios that are located in the US. You can also place an order through more than 30,000 retail partners who are spread across the US.  You can find a retailer located nearest to your place from the website. The two largest production facilities are located in California and Georgia. Your order will be moved to the nearest location at the earliest and it will be processed immediately.

The technology is licensed to other countries as well so that operations Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Netherlands and Portugal. It has a team of innovators through which dedicated services are offered to families so that they will be able to get ultimate celebrations.

YesVideo Features

It is easy to order YesVideo services. The memories that you had preserved will be kept safe (your privacy will be honored). It is possible to preserve your memories in the best possible way. YesVideo offers affordable services. You can avail Responsive Support offered by YesVideo team.

Support Offered By YesVideo

The company takes video transfer in a serious way. It will guarantee the service worth of $1500. If you place an order through, you can take advantage of this facility. The customer service 7 days of the week. It is available from 6 AM to 8.30 PM from Monday to Friday and 6 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

The DVD and video that you order will be tagged and tracked from the moment the order is placed. It is ensured that you will get originals in a safe way. The order status can be tracked at any point of time. You can use the easy to track tool present on the website. Digital backup copies will be maintained till 90 days after the dispatch of your order. Hence, you can get an additional copy at any point of time.

The operation that is carried out on your memories will be recorded from the moment the videos reach and the security measure will ensure that all the videos are safe and protected. The package will be delivered at your doorsteps through UPS. As a matter of fact, the trucks will only include yesvideo packages only. These dedicated trucks are not used to pick up other packs or to deliver other services.
How to avail yesvideo services?

In order to avail yesvideo services, you can order through online. You will inform the number of video films and tapes that you would like to transfer. You can ship your videos through the kit provided by YesVideo which will cost you $24.99 or at your own cost. The lifetime memories are delivered to you in just 15 day turnaround. Custom DVDs with custom music and themes can be created at $9.99 per DVD. Video Review

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