Set Your Tax Preparation to Turbo Mode

Set Your Tax Preparation to Turbo Mode

Tax time is upon us once again, and if you are anything like me then you would be feeling like the season has snuck up on you once again, and you need to sit down and do all the math, double check the calculations and submit your papers with that feeling that you missed something.  After that, every phone call you get makes you jump because you expect it to be the government making a follow up on one of the papers that you submitted.


I am sure that a lot of people have been experiencing the same thing year after year, but a lot of others have been able to avoid this by going the turbo tax way.  Let me tell you how this goes.

Turbo tax is, in essence, a company that helps you write up your taxes.  It’s like a cross between a software that processes all your information and a community of tax experts who are able to answer all your questions and include all your tax information in order to make sure that you maximize all deductible items while filling out your tax form.

So how does it work?  It is relatively simple, and that is an almost impossible description to use when dealing with taxes.  However, it will first inform you of what papers you would be needing, such as the most basic W2 form and other items that you might need.  If you don’t have everything with you yet, then it will still be fine.  You can still get started with the process of writing up your taxes.

Of course tax papers will never be filled out without personal questions, and Turbo Tax will ask you a number of those.  Taxes are dependent on your status, your spend as well as your income and you will be asked regarding all of those.  Do not be defensive, and do not try to create any shortcuts.  Just answer straight up so that when the final papers are printed out, you know that the numbers are accurate.

Of course software is not always complete, and no matter how comprehensively a program is written, there are just times when human intervention is needed to put our minds at ease.  This is what the community of experts is about.  With Turbo Tax, questions about items that we may find complicated may be raised, and experts who are licensed in their own fields will be ready to answer the said questions.  Whether you want an online chat or a phone call, a person experienced in your field of taxation will be available to get you through your confusion.

Turbo Tax has a number of guarantees.  They guarantee that your forms will be filled out accurately, and that they will get the maximum amount of deductions.  The best about this is that they will allow you to use the software for free.  You can try out the solution of your choice, be it for the basic edition which goes for $19.99 (US), or the home and business that goes for $79.99 (US).  You will not be charged until you either print the documents or file them electronically. This means that you can use them as much as you want and withdraw even at the last moment before filing, and not be charged a thing!

This is not only applicable to the US.  Canada also has the version of the software, with a different pricing range but the same guarantees.  This beats multiple trips to an accountant who may request for a huge range of papers before finalizing the tax returns.  So spare yourself the time, effort and stress, try out the software, and I am sure you’ll end up submitting the tax forms from there.

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  1. Lauren ponder Says:

    Income tax comes once a year and we all have to make certain preparation to gather data and resources. I pay tax on time though gets good returns on my investment. Thanks for the updates, I will be in touch for more readings..






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