Leading Photo Sharing App Instagram, Likely to Face Competition From Snapchat and Cinemagram

Leading Photo Sharing App Instagram, Likely to Face Competition From Snapchat and Cinemagram

For a long time now, photo sharing on mobile phones has always been associated with Instagram but this is bound to change with the entry of other sharing apps, namely Snapchat and Cinemagram. When Instagram took the top position in regard to photo sharing apps there were other competitors who fizzled out or decided to focus on other aspects of mobile applications. However, these two new apps offering photo sharing features to mobile phone users have not been discouraged with Instagram’s larger than life presence and this seems to be paying off.

Snapchat which was founded by Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel is a messaging app that allows users to send as well as receive messages in form of photographs. The photos when received on the phone can only last for ten seconds and then they disappear. The photos that are sent cannot be saved on the phone and to ensure that it remains so the recipient’s fingers must stay on the screen in order for them to view the photos. On the other hand, Cinemagram is also gaining users and is one of the top mobile apps in rankings as it offers them a fusion of photo as well as video sharing. The photos that result from using Cinemagram are animated at least partially which is one of its unique features.

The rise in popularity of Snapchat has been necessitated by a number of features such as the apps restriction on saving of photos which makes it comfortable for users who would not like their photos to be in the possession of recipients. The sharing of photos on through this app has increased to almost the same number as those of Instagram. Sources indicate that due to this increase, there are a number of venture capitalists that would like to partner with the founders of the mobile app. Cinemagram which has been existence from the beginning of the year, but was launched later in the year has also updated most of the features that affected their users especially in terms of speed which made sharing of videos hard. According to Temo Chalasani one the founders of Cinemagram, the recent updates have been the major cause of their rise in popularity and increased sharing by their users.

Even though these two photo sharing mobile apps are increasing in popularity on a gradual basis, Instagram is still the commonly used app by photo enthusiasts. It is quite simple to use and the features that it has on offer are user friendly which makes it a choice for many. However, in some particular cases the use of the newer photo sharing applications will be much better than the using Instagram. Overall, Instagram should not sit back and relax as there may be unexpected changes in the dynamic world of social networking whose main objective is to provide applications that are of benefit to their users and also increase the number of people signing up on their sites.

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  1. Andy Ronald Says:

    After facebook bought instagram, I see some decline its usage may be people are going away from facebook. But new photo sharing applications are always welcome for better versions; I think cinemagram and snap chat are just other rivals of instagram.






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