What Will You Do For $5.00? Fiverr.com Review

  • November 19, 2013
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Review of Fiverr by CashSherpa.com

Everything is so expensive these days, with marketing and advertising being two prime examples. We live in an age where technology is king, specifically the internet. You can buy things online, and you can sell things online, the problem is finding quality. Say you start up a new business. You want to create an eye catching advert that you can use to get yourself noticed. You may want to feature a weekly blog, in which you inform you potential clients about what’s new with your business, as well as informing them about any deals or services you provide. On paper this is a sound business strategy, there are however, three factors to consider: Time, experience, and money. Now, thanks to fiverr, you needn’t worry about these things, as you simply find a job, or (gig) that you like the look of, pay a minimum of $5, tell them what you’re looking for, and hey presto, job done. Here’s a more in-depth look at this great site.

DrasticDeals.com Image

Actual Image Produced For $5.00 By Fiverr Contractor “DrasticDeals.com”

Fiverr Explained

Fiverr is billed as the world’s largest online market place for freelancers, both buyers and sellers. They feature a whole array of different services, some pretty wild and unusual, to more refined and conventional services such as article writing and advertising. You can search for jobs specifically geared towards your every need. For example, like we mentioned above, if you happen to run a health food company, and need a weekly blog creating, simply search through a list of candidates who offer such services, find one you like the sound of, tell them what you want, pay $5 and away you go.

Who Should I Choose?

Fiverr is extremely easy to search and navigate, with each specific service listed under the relevant category. For example, if it’s advertising services you’re after, click on the ‘advertising’ button at the top of the page and take it from there. There are many different methods of advertising, and on the next page, you’ll be met with a list of these methods. Find the one you’re looking for, click it, and you can then search through a list of freelancers who you feel could be right for the job. To help you choose the right candidates, fiverr has a rating system in place. Sellers will be rated on stars out of 5, with 5 being the highest. Each star represents a percentage, so a seller with 5 stars will have a 100% positive rating, which is good. You can then click that seller’s gig, and take a look. If you like the look of it, you can purchase it, tell them what you’re looking for, and leave the rest to them. They will have a deadline to deliver the work, usually within 7 days, though this can vary. Once they’re done, they’ll send it you via your fiverr account, you can take a look, and if you’re happy, that’s it. If you’re not, you can request that the seller alters the order.

Benefits To Sellers

Ever dreamed of working from home, being your own boss, quitting your current job and telling your boss where to go (unless they’re nice of course)? If so then fiverr could be for you. You can sell your services, starting from $5. With the right hard work, skill, and expertise, you can make a full-time living doing something you love. If you’re a half decent writer for example, why not choose a subject you’re comfortable with, and offer to write about that very subject. There is a level system in place at fiverr, so you must be active regularly with good reviews to make your way up to the next level. As the levels increase, it shows customers that you’re capable, and also allows you the added bonus of being able to add more job adverts, and charge extra for certain services. You start as a basic seller, then a level 1 seller, then a level 2, and then if fiverr see potential in you, they will make you a top rated seller. Payment is linked directly to paypal, and takes 14 days to clear, so please bear that in mind. Also, fiverr gets 20% of your earnings, so for every $5 you make, a dollar of that will go to fiverr.


Fiverr is growing in efficiency and popularity every single day, and is a great way of making money from doing something you love, as well as for buying quality services at a very affordable price indeed. Within the next few years, fiverr could very well be one of the most popular websites on the entire planet.

Visit Fiverr and see what you can do for $5

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