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Muvee Video Making Software + Editing Review

If you hate Windows Movie Maker, Muvee is the easiest and fastest way to turn digital photos and videos into movies your friends will want to watch. Muvee is a company that sells award-winning video creation tools (Reveal X, Reveal X Business, Reveal Express, Reveal Express for Mac), photo tools (cards, calendars, photo books, etc.) and video tools (Turbo Video Cutter, Turbo Video Stabilizer). Muvee automatically creates short movies (“muvees”) from videos and photos, adding music, transitions, fonts and background. No need to add and edit each clip manually, unless you want to do that.

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Features of Muvee Video Making Software & Editing

Muvee Reveal X is one of the company’s most popular products. Create awesome movies in just three steps: choose your clips and a style, preview and save. Importing photos and videos from devices is also simple, and most formats are supported. The preview pane is right up top so you can’t miss anything. Hit play when you’re done, and you have a slick-looking project. If you want more personalization, pump up your creations easily with titles/subtitles, credits and captions. Muvee Reveal X is not only for home users; use it to create unique slideshows, videos and presentations for your business or marketing campaigns. Other features:

•    Add styles, text, music, transitions, backgrounds and voice overs to videos
•    Easy sharing on multiple devices and on the web
•    Drag-and-drop functionality
•    Automatic chaptering (split up movies into sections)
•    Fit video to music length
•    Fully-licensed music


Muvee products are not cheap, but the prices are reasonable for what you get out of the box. Prices range from $19.99 (Turbo Video Stabilizer) to $499 (Muvee Reveal X Business). Muvee Reveal X is a bit steep at $59.99, but it’s the best use of your money if you need to make professional-looking movies quickly and painlessly.

Muvee Reveal X for Business

People love watching entertaining videos, and businesses that use videos have an edge over competitors that use just text and graphics. Use Muvee Reveal X to create engaging content to hook potential customers and keep your fans coming back for more. You don’t need any video editing experience either; even the intern can create professional-looking movies with just a few clicks.
Muvee Reveal X is easy to use, cost-effective for the price (comes with a free trial), packed with styles, music and effects, makes videos fast and supports multiple devices.


Most reviewers are satisfied with Muvee products. Muvee does exactly what it claims to do—create pretty videos fast. It’s not as advanced as Adobe or similar software, but it has several “hidden” editing functions. It’s more than enough for the average user who wants amazing-looking videos with minimum effort. Some users reported stability issues and problems when installing on older machines, but these were usually minor and fixed with a bit of tweaking. The quality of the final product ultimately depends on what you feed the software: amazing clips equals amazing videos. Overall, Muvee is as simple as it gets when it comes to video creation. Beginners love it, but professionals may need something more powerful.

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  1. anna katline Says:

    As an executive assistant in marketing company, I have to make videos for my business products. I tried using this software for my personal collection, which is a good thing in video creation. Now my problem got solved in half the time. Thanks for the wonderful and excellent video software.






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