Trouble Figuring Out Restaurant Tips? Get Help With New App

  • June 5, 2015
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Use Restaurant Tip Calculator To Calculate Right Amount

Ever get a gigantic restaurant bill and need to calculate a 18.5% gratuity? Off the top of your head what 18.5% of $163.78? Don’t know? That’s where the Restaurant Tip Calculator by Starflower Solutions comes in.

Use our Restaurant Tip Calculator app to quickly and easily calculate the right tip (gratuity), new bill total, and the per person (split) amount if you are splitting the check between multiple people. Easy, Fast, and Intuitive. You can calculate the appropriate tip (gratuity) in seconds. Tipping is a lot easier with this app.

With just the press of one button, you can turn on the Camera LED flash light if you are in a dark restaurant or bar to help you see the check/bill.

And there is a button at the bottom that will help you quickly create a text message to send to friends with their share of the bill plus the tip percentage, if you are splitting the check.

You can now customize this tipping app by setting your own preferences such as the default tip, default split number, currency symbol, automatic rounding, and more.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Rating: 4.7 score on Android

Link to Android:


Tip Calculator App 

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