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  • July 23, 2011
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Review of CyberPatrol by

This is part 2 of my 3 part series o internet safety software. I review the leading internet safety software companies. My second review is on CyberPatro safety software.

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Cyber Patrol is an innovative and helpful tool you can use to censor your child’s use of the internet and protect them or your computer from the harmful threats which are present in the everyday use of the internet.

The internet is a helpful and fun way to get information, interact with loved ones and friends, as well as it can be used for many other activities which are performed online. But it also presents a great risk to your computer and your children. Spyware, malware, porn, and other deadly pop ups can seriously damage your computer and your child’s mind if it is allowed access to your computer.

With the protection you get from Cyber Patrol, you can prevent cyber bullies from accessing your files and destroying your computer. They scan and filter your PC to remove potentially dangerous threats for a better browsing experience.

You can become a fan of Cyber Patrol on Facebook to join their committee for internet safety. You get product updates, offers, and promotions. This software enables you to choose the sites you would like your children to see and block those you don’t. You can use parental controls to block the sites you consider harmful or dangerous. It allows you to censor and monitor the online activities of your children.

They offer siteSURV, which is a very powerful web filter which can ensure that they don’t visit unauthorized sites as well as the option to filter up to  forty-four categories of sites based on the sites’ contents. You are able to customize it by doing a selection of the sites you would like to be blocked.

The site SURV is a web based program, this eliminates the need for software installation. This software is not restricted to keeping kids in line only, as it is also effective in the workplace. Many times employees are doing a job which requires research on the internet and in the process they end up on sites they are not supposed to be browsing during work time, or wasting precious company time on these sites.

Cyber Patrol can safely and effectively censor and track the activities performed by employees each day resulting in less time-wasting and more productivity. Cyber Patrol works in libraries, schools, at home, or in the business place to effectively reduce the threats posed by unlawful visits to unauthorized sites. They give you tips and other tools to keep you informed so you can be proactive when it comes to unauthorized visits to sites. They provide information for free as well as training tools.

Cyber Patrol was the winner of a PTPA Seal of Approval and they offer a free trial of their product. The cost associated with the acquiring of cyberpatrol is only $39.95 to get protection for three computers

Cyber Patrol is a user-friendly program which effectively blocks sites from a list called “CyberNot”. These are websites which are categorized as being unsafe by Cyber Patrol. It is also able to recognize sites which are predefined in their patrol list. It removes porn, obscene, and violent content which are found by Cyber Patrol. It effectively blocks these sites so that they are not accessed by children.

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