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  • June 2, 2021
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During the last year plus dealing with the pandemic there were days I’d feel very down. I found the combination of working from home, working more than ever with the absence of the routines that balanced my life out to be very depressing. I could work 8,9,10,15 hours per day, but I couldn’t balance out my routines with the gym, concerts, socializing with friends, seeing family, seeing relatives, etc. There were Zoom calls and walks around the block, but lets be honest people need human connection. Not just a little, a lot. Replacing human connection with never ending work is an insult to the human soul. One thing I did find helpful is motivational music, videos, affirmations, speeches etc. I turned off the predictively negative news and turned on hopeful messaging. This is why I’m excited to bring a company I found to my readers attention. The company is called Affirmafit. Affirmafit produces YouTube affirmation and motivational fitness videos and needs your support on Patreon.

People sometimes say that they can’t get into motivational content, it “doesn’t do much for me.” I say did you go to the gym once and say to yourself “that was OK, but I didn’t see any results?” Like fitness I believe motivational content is part of one’s daily routine. It isn’t everything, but it surely will help you develop yourself into the person you want to be. Affirmafit gives the money generated through Patreon to free counselling, therapy, and mental health support. In addition to YouTube videos Affirmafit also creates life changing/balancing guides and participates in interesting philosophical discussions.

Visit them on Patreon here:

Patreon Mental Health

Levels Of Support: 

Companies like Affirmafit need our support, especially now. If interested there are 3 levels of Patron Support to choose from. Level 1 for $4 per month 50% of profits will go towards mental health awareness and support charities. With a fund set aside to provide free ‘Fitness Therapy’ sessions for those in need or counselling with one of our qualified team. Patreon exclusives including meditation videos, ad free episodes, and more. Level 2 $11.50 support gets you all the benefits of the previous level plus two live guided meditation sessions per month. Also, you will get a shout out, private community, fan requests, livestreams, limited time merchandise, and more. The final support Level 3 for $35.50 gets you all the extras from previous tiers and much more. Members of this tier get access to the loyalty program (Stickers, TShirt, Mug & canvas Tote bag) also can sponsor a future session.

Check Them Out On YouTube

Want to learn more about the organization? Check them out on YouTube.


If you are like me and felt down many days this past year during the pandemic you know how important mental health is. Please consider supporting Affirmafit on Patreon to make their mission to improve mind, body, and spirit possible.

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