Review of SEOmoz by – Should You Pay The Monthly Fee?

Review of SEOmoz by – Should You Pay The Monthly Fee?

Nowadays when people want to look for something online, they usually go to one of the search engines, put in a search term, and hit search. The search engine returns pages and pages of results. However, most people do not look past the first couple of pages of results. Therefore, it is very important for websites to rank high, preferably on the first page of search results, in order to get organic traffic.

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SEOmoz, once an established search engine optimization (SEO) consulting company, has developed a set of online tools and resources that help people with SEO.

SEOmoz Features

Competition Analysis – When it comes to ranking websites, sometimes it’s worthwhile to know how your competitors are doing. SEOMoz’s open site explorer lets you examine other websites such as what keywords they are ranking for, and also what their inbound and outbound links are. Having such information about your competitors makes it easier for you to compete with them and even outrank them.

Link Analysis – One way to optimize your website is to make sure that it has quality inbound and outbound links. SEOMoz crawls the web, calculates the metrics of websites such as their page authority using their proprietary algorithm, and builds an index. With this index, you can tell how well your inbound and outbound links are performing for you.


Visit SEOmoz right now for a free trial, cancel anytime

Keyword Tools – SEOMoz’s keyword suggestion tool analyzes your website and returns a list of keyword phrases that are sending traffic to your website and yet you are not targeting them. This tool is very useful when it comes to keyword research as it lets you “discover” new keywords that your website can target. The keyword difficulty tool analyzes a given keyword and returns a keyword difficulty score that tells you how hard it is to rank well for the keyword. Besides the score, it also shows you details such as websites that are ranking for the keyword, their page authority, etc. In addition, SEOMoz tracks the keywords that your website is already targeting and monitors their rankings.

Weekly Web Crawler – SEOMoz’s web crawler will crawl your website weekly to identify any issues that might impact the ranking of your website. SEOMoz not only notifies you about these issues, it also provides you with information on how to rectify them.

SEO Community – The SEOMoz community has more than 250,000 members. As a member of SEOMoz, you have access to the online forums where people, from amateur to SEO professionals, talk about SEO techniques and strategies. This is a great way for people who are interested in SEO to connect.

SEO Education – SEOMoz holds webinars twice a month to educate members on SEO related topics. Members have a chance to “meet” SEO professionals and chat with them during the Q&A session.

SEOmoz Pricing

SEOMoz offers some of the tools to non-subscribers of SEOMoz Pro. For example, the open site explorer tool is available to non-subscribers who are limited to three searches a day. For people who would like to try out the web app before they subscribe, SEOMoz offers a 30-day free trial. After the 30 days, the monthly fee for SEOMoz is $99.

Visit SEOmoz right now for a free trial, cancel anytime

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