Gangster High Quality Headphones Kickstarter Campaign

  • August 12, 2016
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Looking for high quality headphones, but tired of the expensive price tag? Please take a look at the new campaign through Kickstarter for Gangster Headphones. Visit site for more information:

The campaign was set up by Chris Allan and his goal is to create “Quality products, appealing packaging, edgy marketing. Most importantly light weight headphones that are durable and pack a punch with crisp clear sounds.” This is a corner of the market that’s currently not really being fulfilled.

Gangster Headphones

The Story Behind Gangster

“Almost 6 years ago, my buddy, Jeff Loomis, and I launched Gangster. We were going to take our 24-year friendship built on pulling each other out of our tough childhoods and build a company as tough as we had to be to survive our childhoods. For us, Gangster meant never accepting that our lives were to be dictated by our starts, Gangster meant being strong enough to change our paths. Gangster products were to be tough and high quality, while designed to reflect the energy of the tough streets we were from. Jeff died too soon, so now I am carrying on our vision: making high quality, state-of-the-art audio products that look real good – while investing profits to help kids that are struggling like Jeff and I did. Gangster reflects hard work and perseverance, with love and respect for each other, including doing the best we can. Gangster products are great, high quality, high design audio and lifestyle gear and a reasonable price. We don’t pay for high-priced spokespeople, so we can charge way less and still have money to give back to society. Here’s to fulfilling a dream of making the best damn personal audio equipment and helping others. Here’s to Jeff. This is Gangster.”

The story is moving and the mission is clear. Thanks for letting introduce this new and exciting Kickstarter campaign. For more information, once again, please visit

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